Open Source

At RockbugDesign, we're big fans of the open source movement. Open source provides several advantages over proprietary solutions.

With open source software...

  • You don't pay yearly license fees or pay to upgrade when a new version comes out
  • You can look at the source to see what the software is really doing
  • You can modify it to meet your needs
  • Bugs are often fixed more quickly and regularly than with commercial software
  • You support open standards which allows an easier migration path if you take your data elsewhere eventually

Here's a list of some of the open source software we use at RockbugDesign

  • Drupal - a content management system
  • WordPress - a blog/content management system
  • MySQL - a database server/database management system
  • RubyOnRails - a web-application framework
  • OpenBiblio - a library database system
  • Joomla/Mambo - content management systems