These days a web site's audience is frequently larger and spread more widely than many people might suspect. You may find yourself with a world-wide audience. More importantly, perhaps, your business or organization might benefit from addressing more than one language within your target audience.

At RockbugDesign we have experience in creating multilingual websites that function transparently for the end user. In some cases clients choose to present an entire site bilingually: users can surf the entire site in any of the offered languages and can switch to another language at any point.

Some organizations may choose to offer a selected subset of their pages in a foreign language. This is a good option when translating the whole site is an overwhelming prospect. It recognizes and includes an important subsection of your audience without the burden of translating the entire site.

At RockbugDesign we have worked extensively in English and Spanish, creating multilingual websites, online decision-making tools, and database interfaces. How could your website benefit from internationalization?