Database conversion

Do you have an existing Access database or Excel file that you'd like to make available and access over the web? We can help you out.

At RockbugDesign we've helped numerous clients create vibrant web applications out of database or spreadsheet files that used to be locked in a proprietary format on a single computer. If you routinely email Excel or Access files between a number of people, think how your routine would be simplified if everyone had access to a central database - and could make modifications and corrections from anywhere they have internet access.

Typically at RockbugDesign we work with MySQL databases with a front end written in either PHP or RubyOnRails. To the end user, however, the internal workings are usually of less interest than the fact that they can simply launch a web browser wherever they may be and instantly start accessing their own data in user-friendly format.

Not only does a web interface allow portability, usually it allows you a much more pleasant interface to work in. Tired of those endless grey panels and buttons? Try a web-based version!